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4 tips for whiter teeth

Do you want to whiten your teeth naturally ? There are many chemical products that can whiten your teeth quickly, but they also affect their sensitivity.

If you wish to achieve the same whitening effect without putting in danger the health and sensitivity of your teeth you can resort to simple and natural tricks that will bring all eyes to your smile and give you long lasting results.



What is the advantage of using home remedies?

The advantage is that in the long term your teeth will not be damaged and your smile will shine more than ever. Do not forget that you should brush your teeth after every meal and maintain good oral hygiene.



       4 Tips for natural teeth whitening

  1. The first thing we must take into consideration are the effects of tobacco or coffee, since they are substances that stain our teeth. If we bleach our teeth but continue to consume these products there will be no way to get a white tone.


  1. Rub your teeth with the inside of a strawberry and rinse your mouth afterwards. Do it once a day. In a few weeks you will notice the difference.


  1. To make your teeth look healthier and whiter consume foods such as apple or carrot , these will help achieve a whiter shade thanks to its properties.


  1. Brush your teeth with a crushed mixture of bay leaves and orange peel . Once done, wash your teeth with your usual toothpaste. Do it twice a week and you will notice the difference.

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