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Keep in mind that your nails are not instruments for opening or any other work that you should use an appropriate tool for.

However, some natural ingredients, such as garlic and lemon can enable you to stay away from the presence of organisms that can debilitate your nails.

Our physical appearance meters a great deal and to an ever increasing extent, that is the reason it is vital to take care of the hands and keep nails long and solid.

Commonly we have our nails devastated, we chomp them, we hit them, we debilitate them with polishes, they break, they move toward becoming layers, they are uneven , a million things;

However we should not overlook that a decent care of nails is vital when we are standing in front of somebody, there are even individuals who devote more care to their hands and nails than to their makeup.

We should realize that the nails are a protection of our fingers. The nails contain microbes that aggregate for the duration of the day, particularly under the nails, so a decent every day cleanliness of these is basic.

Now I’m going to tell you how to make an enamel to keep nails long and strong and help them grow


What do we need to have long, strong nails?

  • Transparent enamel, anyone.
  • Lemon juice (10 drops)
  • 1/4 clove of garlic
  • Colorless or white iodine (available in pharmacies) (10 drops). (If you can not find the white Iodine, let your nails soak in apple cider vinegar, but do not put it in the enamel).

The first thing you have to do is leave some space in the transparent enamel, first mix the iodine (if you have it), then the lemon juice, then chop everything you can garlic, and add it to the enamel. Finally, stir it well and let it rest for twenty-four hours.


Ways of use:

Apply every day a layer of enamel without color, for fifteen days, layer on layer. Remove the enamel every three days and apply a new coat.

Use the prepared enamel as a base for the colored enamel.

Remember to keep your nails neat and beautiful , hands are an important part of a person, they seem insignificant but careful hands with long and strong nails can give you a better image.

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