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2 Homemade toothpaste recipes for shiny and healthy teeth

First of all, do not over react with the usage of bicarbonate, because at the same time as it is able to help whiten teeth, it finally ends up eroding them. Limit its use to once every week.

Many people no longer recognise, or pay any attention at all to the fact that toothpaste has numerous chemical compounds in its composition which not only  destroy your mouth, but they cause serious damage to this planet. Some of the elements contained in a conventional toothpaste are Belzalconium Chloride, Chlorhexidine and Triclosan, which also can be found in soaps or mouth wash liquieds. To keep away from contraindications, there is nothing better than preparing your very own homemade toothpaste, following a simple recipe.


The benefits of using homemade toothpaste

Those who use homemade toothpaste notice that their oral cleanininess improves, they have less plaque and reduces the incidence of caries, compared to before, when they used commercial or common paste. For its part, the “homemade version” offers more freshness and softness in the teeth, because it has natural components.

It is good that you also know that homemade toothpaste has to be packed in a bottle or glass jar, always away from heat and direct sunlight. The advantages of using it is that it is 100% natural, that it will provide us with chemical-free elements and that it will give us a nice smile, good cared for our teeth and proper oral hygiene. In just ten minutes, you will have the look you always wanted for your mouth.

Here are two DIY toothpaste recipes:


 Recipe with coconut oil

In order to prepare this recipe for homemade toothpaste, you will need the following ingredients:


* two tablespoons of coconut oil

* half package of Stevia  plant powder

* three tablespoons of baking soda

* 25 drops of minced mint, cinnamon or peppermint oil


All the ingredients have to be mixed, adding little by little the mint drops until they reach the right flavor according to your tastes. As coconut oil (with antibacterial properties) melts on heat, this paste becomes liquid in contact with the mouth. To rinse, use warm water. You will have a very fresh breath and pleasant taste in your mouth for much longer.


 Recipe with sea salt

There are varied options to create homemade toothpaste. In this second alternative you will use other ingredients, which can be a bit more salty than in the previous version and is not recommended to use every day, but to perform a thorough cleaning once a week.




* three cups of baking soda

* a small spoonful of fine sea salt

* two tablespoons of peppermint oil



All you have to do is mix all the ingredients and create a paste, if you need more water, add it little by little.

Thanks to these homemade toothpaste recipes, you can put fluoride, the main component of commercial pastes, aside from your life. Although dentists say it is good for your health, it has been proven that its prolonged use is toxic, damaging the thyroid, increases the risk of fractures in the teeth, causes arthritis, bone sarcoma and lowers the IQ, among others.

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