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Avoid these foods and keep a healthy heart

Heart health is essential for life. We all know that it is the motor of the organism, but do we take care of it as it deserves? The truth is that not always.

Sometimes, we associate taking care of ourselves with a flat stomach and we stop paying attention to other issues.

It is clear that there is a strong relationship between the two issues, but it does not always happen that way. Sometimes, we make mistakes in our sports routine or in our diet.

Therefore, we wanted to show you which foods seriously affect your heart. In this way, you can check if you are doing the right thing or not.


Energy bars

Their utility is obvious: they serve to provide an extra dose of energy when that’s all you need. For this, they are usually treated with hydrogenated fats, which increase cholesterol .

Bad cholesterol (LDL) thickens the blood, so it circulates with difficulty. The heart also suffers, since it requires much more strength to perform its task.

In addition, the arteries also suffer with that density, since they are not prepared for it.

Therefore, all this can trigger a more or less acute arteriosclerosis.

However, if you play sports or find yourself without the usual vigor, you can try cooking your own bars. The homemade option eliminates those hydrogenated fats and preservatives.


American cheese

The cheese itself is a complicated product, and the cause must be sought in its excess of fat, especially if it is made with cow milk.

However, Yellow or American cheese is even more risky, as it is highly manipulated. Even, vegetable dye is added.

On the one hand, fat increases the density of the blood, so it requires more strength and pressure to go trough our heart, also sodium increases the heart rate when we consume it excessively.

As with any other muscle, excessive work causes injuries. Therefore, it is necessary that we balance this energy.


Canned products

It does not matter if it is a very healthy meal: at the time it is put in a can, the food stops being healthy. To understand it, think of the poisoned apple of Snow White.

These substances have the ability to turn the most beneficial into poison.

Therefore, it is important that you consume the least amount of these foods possible. It is true that the time available to us or the economic issue can make it difficult for us to consume fresh products.

Whatever your case is, we recommend that you always have this possibility in your head. So, when you have a few extra minutes or an income that you did not count on, you will decide for more natural and homemade options.



We are facing a phenomenon very similar to those we have seen. In addition to making whole milk, which already contains unhealthy fats, other vegetables and other synthetic ingredients are added.

These are accompanied by transgenic elements that make it a real time bomb.

Keep in mind that this also includes light margarine . Although the calorie load is lightened, synthetic ingredients are still present. Therefore, all margarines are foods that seriously affect your heart .


Light – refreshments

This is a clear example of what we said at the beginning. We drink them because it does not make you fat. However, they harm us in other facets as important as this one.

Apart from having sodium, synthetic sweeteners are not as healthy as we think.

Soft drinks are so addictive because of their sweet taste. Thus, when they are advertised, it stands out that, despite helping us keep the line, it retains that much sought after taste.

However, one study reveals that they often cause long-term cardiovascular problems .

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