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I think we can all agree that cleaning the toilet is one of the most universally dreaded cleaning chores. One I tend to put off as long as possible. This can be problematic at times, especially when you have company coming over on short notice and you don’t have time to clean the toilet as well as you’d like! Enter these all-natural, super handy “toilet freshening bombs!”

I’ve made similar “bombs” in the past for the bath, and figured with just a bit of tweaking they could be made into fizzy toilet fresheners as well!


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These homemade toilet freshening “bombs” contain just 3 simple ingredients, and are a simple and effective way to spiff up your toilet bowl until you can give it a more thorough cleaning.

Toilet Cleaning Bombs

Baking soda – A mildly abrasive cleaner and an excellent deodorizer.
Citric acid – Provides the “fizzy” effect, and also helps dissolve tough hard water stains.
Essential oils – A combination of lavender, peppermint, and lemon essential oil helps to eliminate germs and bacteria, and leave behind a fresh, clean scent.

Simply drop one of these tablets into your toilet bowl, and let the fizzing action clean and freshen your toilet. Here’s how to make your own at home!

Fizzy & Freshening Toilet Bombs

Toilet Cleaning Bombs



Toilet Cleaning Bombs

Mix the baking soda and citric acid together in a small bowl. Next, slowly add the water and essential oils to the mixture. The best way I’ve found to do it is to pour both the water and essential oils into a small spray bottle that produces a fine mist.

Gently spritz the dry ingredients until all of the oils have been added. (The mixture may fizz a tiny bit, but that’s okay!)

Toilet Cleaning Bombs

Test the mixture at this point by squeezing some in your fist. If it isn’t sticking together very well, add a little more water to your spray bottle. Spritz the mixture a few more times and keep testing it until you can get it to form a good clump in your hand. (If you’re having issues, be sure to read the troubleshooting tips at the bottom of this post!)

Toilet Cleaning Bombs

Next, transfer the mixture into your silicone mold of choice, and pack each cell down firmly. Allow the tabs to dry for several hours. When they’ve dried completely, gently remove them from the mold and they’re ready to use! Store unused tabs in an airtight container.

Toilet Cleaning Bombs

Using Your Toilet Freshening Bombs

Simply drop one tab into your toilet bowl, let it fizz away, then flush. Your toilet bowl will smell fresher and look cleaner, no scrubbing needed!

Toilet Cleaning Bombs

…Plus A Bonus Use!

In addition to quickly freshening up toilets, these fizzy bombs can also provide allergy relief. These bombs contain the ultimate triad of allergy-relieving oils – lemon, lavender, and peppermint. If you’re having a particularly rough time with allergies, give yourself a steam treatment one of these fizzy “bombs.” Just drop one into a bowl of hot, steamy water, and hold your face over the bowl. Drape a large towel over your head to trap in all the steamy goodness, and breathe deeply for about 5-10 minutes. (I’d recommend keeping your eyes shut throughout, since peppermint oil can irritate eyes.) This quick steam treatment will help open up your airways and reduce congestion, while also calming irritated skin around the eyes and nose!

Toilet Cleaning Bombs

Troubleshooting Tips

If you’ve never made fizzy tabs like these before, there’s a bit of a learning curve to getting them exactly right. Here are a few common issues people tend to run in to, and how to fix or avoid them.

If your tabs are really crumbly…

Use a bit more liquid next time. The mixture should resemble and feel like slightly wet sand. The mixture should also form a firm ball when you squeeze a bit of it in your hand.

If your tabs are expanding in their molds…

You’ve used too much water, and it’s causing the citric acid to start fizzing. The goal is to get the dry ingredients just wet enough that they’ll stick together, but not wet enough to start the citric acid reaction. It’s a fine line to walk, but just make sure to add the water a tiny bitat a time, and you should be fine! 🙂

If your tabs are taking a long time to dry…

It could be due to humidity. Try placing your tray of tabs near a heating vent, where that warm, dry air will help your tabs dry out faster.


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