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15 Cancer Warning Signs People Ignore Until It’s Too Late

Today, a large portion of the world population is facing dangerous and life-threatening diseases, including cancer. This disease comes in various forms and affects all generations.
A great number of people are diagnosed with it each year, which is why everyone should be extremely health conscious and get to know their bodies well so as to easily notice any unusual signs or symptoms.
People who have a family history of cancer should be even more alert as they have a greater risk of developing cancer. It is advised that they consult with their doctor or a cancer specialist to learn about all the preventive measures there are, as well as regularly monitor their bodies for any symptoms or unexplained changes. Some are even advised to make a genetic testing to find out more about the level of cancer risk in their family.
Nevertheless, the number of people who somehow fail to notice the warning signs of cancer is still large. In fact, the cancer industry advocates awareness of a few types of cancer only, resulting in a great number of people failing to notice the signs of their disease. When it comes to cancer and its successful treatment, early detection is of vital importance. For this reason, everyone should be familiar with as many warning signs of cancer so as to be able to act promptly and destroy this disease at its roots.
Universal Cancer Signs and Symptoms
Although the symptoms of a cancer type largely depend on its location in the body and its stage, or the level of spreading to other parts of the body, still, many cancer types share a great number of symptoms.
Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware of how serious these symptoms are and let them pass without suspecting an underlying disease. The following are fifteen warning signs of cancer that many people ignore:

The appearance of a new lump or an old one that has grown in size is definitely a reason to consult with your doctor immediately. This may be an early or a late sign of several types of cancer.

Changes in Urination
Unusually frequent urination, especially accompanied by pain, may be a sign of prostate or bladder cancer. Immediately consult your doctor or a specialist if you are experiencing this issue for some time.

Changes in Stool
If you notice any unusual changes in your stool size, or you experience frequent episodes of diarrhea and constipation, you should consult with your doctor as this may be a sign of digestive tract cancer. This condition may also be accompanied by persistent pain in the abdominal area.

Since indigestion is quite common, this symptom is oftentimes misdiagnosed. If you suffer from indigestion, it may be a sign of upper digestive tract cancer, particularly if it comes along with difficulty swallowing and constant stomach pain.

The appearance of sores may be a sign of skin cancer, oral cancer, and cancer that affects the genitals. For this reason, if you have any sores, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Skin Changes
One of the most common symptoms of cancer is the appearance of skin patches of yellow or red color, or simply darker than the rest of the skin. Not every skin change indicates the presence of cancer, however, it is best to consult with your doctor to rule out this possibility.

Persistent pain in a body part like back pain or headaches, might be a sign of certain cancer type. Therefore, if you are experiencing any type of chronic pain, you should immediately consult your doctor.

Unusual Lymph Nodes
See your doctor or a specialist if you experience sudden swelling in your lymph nodes or they become tender and uncomfortable.

If you notice any blood in your urine or stool, or you start coughing up blood or bloody discharge, consult your doctor immediately as this may be a sign of several types of cancer.

Unusual Hair Growth
Another common sign of cancer is unusual hair growth. Nevertheless, there are many cases where the underlying cause of this symptom is something completely other than this disease. For this reason, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible to get a proper diagnosis.

This symptom is usually related to cancer of the immune system. However, the presence of fever may also be a sign of any cancer type which is spreading to other organs in the body.

A persistent or chronic cough along with a scratchy throat may be signs of respiratory tract cancer, including lung and throat cancer. Provided that your cough doesn’t go away, immediately consult your doctor.

Changes in Freckle or Mole
If you notice any unusual change in the size, color, or shape of one of your freckles or moles, you should consult your doctor immediately as this may indicate the presence of cancer.

Weight Loss
Unexplained weight loss may also be a sign of cancer. Therefore, if you start losing weight without any particular efforts, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible. As the American Cancer Society explains, most people suffering from cancer experience sudden, unexplained weight loss.

A constant feeling of fatigue may also be a warning sign of cancer. This feeling is actually a natural response of your immune system and as such sends you a signal that something’s not right. In addition, certain types of cancer lead to blood loss, which also results in fatigue. Therefore, if you suffer from chronic fatigue, it is best to consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Important: If you notice any of the above symptoms, you should consult your doctor or a specialist as soon as possible. Detecting cancer in its early stages will help increase the chances of preventing its further spread to other body parts as well as aid in its successful treatment.

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