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What Your Lips Say About Your Personality?

Did you know that lips disclose character traits? The ancient skill of Chinese face-reading links lip features to identity. Your mouth shape mirrors how you relate to people. Likewise, your lip print bears the stamp of your temperament. Below are amazing facts your mouth reveals about your make-up.


Four regions comprise your unique kisser. They are:

Cupid’s Bow – the double curve of your upper lip with the central “V” or dip. This region resembles the bow of Cupid, the Roman god of love.What Your Lips Say About Your PersonalityNatural Lip Line – the border of your lip, where your mouth ends and face begins.
Corners – the outer edges of your lips.

Teardrop – the middle downward curve of your lower lip. It’s not as pointed as your cupid’s bow.


Lipsology is the science of lip analysis. It’s the interpretation of mouth characteristics, such as:


This study of lips derives from Chinese medicine. It’s an aspect of face-reading, also known as Mien Shiang. The origin of this practice dates back 3,000 years. In recent times, face-reading has become more popular.

There are schools that teach the art of Mien Shiang.Face-mapping is used at spas and medical clinics, combining Chinese medicine with Western dermatology procedures. Mien Shiang has identified 47 different mouth types. Following are seven of the most common ones.

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