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Here are 11 tips on menstrual hygiene that every woman should follow

Many of us still lack proper education about menstrual hygiene and no longer maintaing hygiene during periods can bring about bacterial and fungal infections and repeated infections may additionally lead to critical reproductive tract infections which can at time bring about infertility as well.


Women in villages and smaller towns still use reusable unhygienic fabric all through their duration’s.

1. Take a bath or bathtub as a minimum once a day.

2. Change pads or tampons often to prevent infections – it is beneficial to alternate a sanitary pad once every six hours, for a tampon, it’s miles every two hours.

3. Opt for accurate sanitary pads – girls with sensitive pores and skin may additionally keep away from sanitary pads with plastic lining, as they could purpose rashes, itchiness, and boils while rubbing towards the skin.

4. Use smooth underwear and alternate it regular.

5. Do no longer use soaps or vaginal hygiene merchandise to clean the genital place. Instead, clean the vaginal location the usage of warm water often, after every use of toilet and even after urination.

6. Washing the vagina with an intimate wash can kill the best micro organism making manner for infections.

7. Always pat the vaginal place dry after each wash, else it might cause inflammation. Also, hold the vicinity among the legs dry. Use antiseptic powder to help keep the region dry – preferably earlier than wearing the pad and after washing the vagina Always wash or wipe the genitals from the front to back.

8. This is crucial because cleaning inside the contrary path can make manner for bacteria from the anus to the vagina and urethral commencing, main to contamination. Make sure that you wash your fingers with heat water and soap after converting your pad/tampon/menstrual cup.

9. Never flush used sanitary pad and tampons down the toilet as they can clog plumbing and reason the toilet to overflow.

10. Discard them well and throw them within the dustbin to save you the unfold of infections.

11. Wear comfortable, free clothing, as opposed to denims or tight-fitting throughout intervals. This will make certain air flow around the touchy regions in addition to save you sweating to a huge volume.

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