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So next time you see an intelligent person, feel free to imagine them late at night on their messy desks, swearing like sailors while working out their creative ideas into reality. Do you prefer to share your moments and experiences with others or you rather will spend the time alone?


Where do you want to live? Do you want to wake up in the countryside cabin or in the city that never sleeps?

If you are calmed, sometimes shy person and you hide your life stories and personal secrets from others then you might be a genius. Even we think that people who do not answer the phone when to see the unknown number or do not open the door when someone rings unexpectedly are not socialized people, they are more likely to be a genius.

These are the signs to recognize them:

1. They swear like sailors

2. They are night owls from an early age

3. They live in their organized chaos

4. They are less social than the others

5. They avoid arguing

According to the latest studies done in this area, people who do not want to expose themselves in the society are those who are very intelligent and they have their own living strategy that does not want to share with others. Satoshi Kanazawa and Norman Li, who were included in the studies, say that the sentence “hermit in the woods” is a synonym for people who are intelligent. They feel happier if they live in the less populated area, where do not feel danger and can let their brain and imagination to work in “full speed”.

These researchers took an interview with two different groups of people: those who want to live in the dynamic environment and frequent social interaction and another group whose participants do not want to share their life moments with others. Moreover, people who showed to be more intelligent even reversed to have frequent social interaction since they expressed fear and insecure.

This statement and finding are correct since more intelligent people are focused on other things that have long- term and effects and they will rather spend their entire time on these things instead of hanging out with friends, chatting, using social media and so on.  Highly intelligent people are focused on other things that are on some higher level for ordinary people. They do not consider the social interaction as a priority and they also do not see this their choice as something wrong. Because of this genius are often seen as “weirdos” by the ordinary people.

So, if you belong to the group of people that do not want to go to clubs, to drink beer every Friday or spend their time outdoor, but is more likely to spend the days and nights on exploring, writing and other activities then you are not weird or geek, but you are an evolutionary groundbreaker.

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