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Nuts and their 10 incredible properties

Nuts are a source of vitamins and nutrients that promote the development of our body, as they strengthen the immune system and help us prevent diseases. Walnuts are a variety of nuts from walnut , a tree native to Asia and Europe. It is a food that can be eaten raw or as an ingredient in dishes and desserts.



It has a very particular shape, which resembles that of the human brain.

The pulp is white, covered by a thin yellow-brown shell and then another hard, round and thick, brown-colored shell.


Among its nutrients the most popular are:

  • Proteins
  • Good fats
  • Fiber
  • Antioxidants
  • Sterols
  • Minerals (sodium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium)
  • Vitamin B and  vitamin E


Although it is a small fruit and difficult to open thanks to its hard shell, it is a delicious food with many benefits and defenses for a good development of the organism. Here is a list of ten incredible benefits and properties offered by nuts.



1. Anti-inflammatory

Thanks to the zinc and the omega 3 fatty acids present in the nuts, these  function as a natural anti-inflammatory, in addition to increasing the body’s defenses. The nuts share much of their properties, and that makes them excellent for relieving the symptoms of inflammation.


2. Prevents cardiovascular diseases

For people who have suffered a heart attack or are at risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease, the consumption of walnut can be beneficial. The amino acids of the nut have the ability to prevent heart attacks and prevent clogged arteries. Eating nuts is a natural way of taking care of our heart.


3. Help blood circulation

It turns out that they are useful to obtain a better sanguineous circulation. And this is due to the concentration of Vitamin B3 nuts contain. This kind of vitamin boosts the movement of blood through the body. As a result, we are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease.


4. Reduce body fat

The nut is fantastic for the heart, but also to reduce the level of fat lodged in the abdomen area. Nut consumption decreases appetite and we eat less carbohydrates. In addition, the fiber that it has, stimulates the digestive process, avoiding problems of constipation.


5. Help the nervous system

The vitamins and omegas 3 and 6 of walnuts stimulate the functioning of the central nervous system, which allows a better functioning of the neurons and a high activity of the brain . In addition, with walnuts we improve our memory and increase our learning capacity, which is essential for students.


6. Help the immune system

Nobody likes to be sick, so it is important to know how to take care of our body so that our health does not decline. One way to take care of it is having a good functioning of the immune system. Vitamin E and the antioxidants of the nut stimulate the production of antibodies, which are the agents responsible for eliminating bacteria, parasites and viruses that enter the body to cause diseases.


7. Liver problems

A liver disease is one that significant damages the liver, so it stops or impairs its functioning. It is important to know what kind of foods exist that can detoxify and protect the liver,  preventing it from being damaged. The nut protects and cleanses the liver thanks to its antioxidants and fatty acids.


8. Prevent osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition that decreases bone mass, causing bones to be thin, weak and fragile. There is a greater risk of having Osteoporosis when you have copper deficiency. Copper allows the density of minerals present in the bones to be higher. So,  if copper is missing, the bones may lose strength. One of the minerals found in nuts is precisely copper, which makes its intake an important element in the care of bones.


9. Improve the mood

The moments of stress, fatigue and discouragement are sometimes due to a significant lack of nutrients. There are those who fight these moments consuming sweets, but the nuts are equally good and effective. The sugars, vitamins and antioxidants of the nut give us a better mood, so eating a nut daily is beneficial for relieving stress.


10. Skin care

To obtain a healthy, soft and young skin you need to obtain Vitamin E , which is abundant in nuts. By using masks or walnut oil we can give our skin a complete care treatment. With this you can avoid the effects of premature aging, in addition to that it will give the skin better appearance and smoothness.


Risks of excessive nut consumption

As with any other type of food, nuts should always be consumed in moderation. Preferably, you should consult with a nutrition expert to indicate the amount of nuts ideal to consume on a daily basis. If walnuts are abused, kidney stones may appear  due to the amounts of oxalic acid they contain. In addition you would also be consuming high doses of calories.


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