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A cellulite cream that actually works

Cellulite is a common problem many young women face, and it is one of the issues that will demand a lot of attention and long hours in the gym if you wish to resolve it.

Nowadays there are a lot of beauty products that are being advertised all over the media, claiming to be able to help you combat cellulite and get rid of it completely and all of them insist on being completely natural and healthy, offering a success guarantee and no side effects of course.

However, as natural as they insist on being, how much can you really trust them on that?

You should opt for natural solutions, completely natural products that you can prepare at the comfort of your home, with every day ingredients and still be able to achieve the same result and the flawless body that you always desired.


This cream is an ideal tool in the fight with the so called “orange peel”, and it is also effective in the fight against stretch marks.



Domestic anti cellulite cream recipe


  • Any baby cream – 100 ml
  • 5-6 mumijo capsules
  • 20 drops of essential oil of orange
  • 3-5 drops essential oil of cinnamon


To prepare the anti-cellulite remedy the baby cream is the most suitable, because it contains no harmful additives. It has an ideal composition of fat and moisture.

Tablets mummy are very often used not only in the fight against cellulite, but also for stretch marks. Mummy tightens the skin, increasing its elasticity, making it soft and silky.

In the fight against cellulite essential citrus oils are very effective too. It can be said that this is the purpose of these oils. You can choose which oil to use: orange, lemon or lime. Citrus oils tighten and nourish the skin with their useful substances.

Cinnamon oil, not only has a pleasant aroma, but it is also very effective in the fight with the orange peel. Combined with citrus oils, it gives excellent results.



Simple preparation procedure:

In a jar, (not less than 150 ml) put the baby cream. Then add the 5-6 finely powdered tablets mummy and stir. Keep the tablets in the fridge before, it makes it easier to squeeze and crush them. Add 20 drops of orange essential oil (or other citrus oil) and not more than 5 drops of oil of cinnamon.

Stir all the ingredients well, cover the jar and let it sit for 8-10 hours. After that, stir again. Your home made anti-cellulite cream is ready for use. Do not forget to close the jar after each use.

To obtain the best results it is necessary to rub the cream on a daily basis in the troubled parts of the body, with strong movements. Expect the first results already after seven days.

The shelf life of such creams is up to 3 weeks.

After applying the cream wait until the skin absorbs it, then put on your pajamas (if applying the cream at bedtime). There could be dark spots as a result of the mummy tablets, but they can be washed easily.

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