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Treat Hypertension in a natural way

With each beat, the heart pumps blood to the arteries. When the pressure of the pumping of the heart is higher than normal , we talk about hypertension.

There are two measures that must be taken into account to determine if the pressure is high.

One is the systolic pressure, which refers to the blood pressure during the pumping of the heart, and the other is diastolic pressure, which refers to blood pressure when the heart lies between one heartbeat and another.

Blood pressure is normal when the blood pressure monitor measures 120/80 mmHg . The first number corresponds to the systolic and the second to the diastolic.

In addition, hypertension, in general, has no symptoms , which reaffirms that the blood pressure monitor is the only reliable way to measure it.


Natural remedies against hypertension


 Parsley and lemon

Parsley is a powerful diuretic. We must not forget that fluid retention can raise blood pressure levels.

That’s why this drink is recommended against hypertension. It also helps eliminate sodium through urine.


Needed Ingredients

  • 1 lemon
  • 1 glass of water
  • 2 tablespoons of parsley (30 g)

Preparation process

  • Cut the lemon, without removing the peel, and add it to the blender along with the glass of water and parsley.
  • Process for a few minutes.
  • Finally, strain and consume on an empty stomach.



Olive oil

Olive oil has multiple properties and among them is to contribute to the proper functioning of the circulatory system .It has been proven to help lower levels of bad cholesterol (LDL). Olive oil is a natural source of monounsaturated fatty acids that favor health.



Oats are known to help reduce blood cholesterol levels. The increase in cholesterol directly influences the increase in blood pressure.

Oats can be eaten as breakfast. If the case of hypertension or high cholesterol is severe, it can be consumed in another way:

  • The oats are soaked in flakes throughout the night.
  • The next morning we will pour the liquid and drink it.




The diuretic properties of this fruit make it one of the first options when fighting against hypertension. The pineapple can be consumed both in juice and in slices.

It is always recommended not to add sugar, since sugar causes overweight and this is just one of the factors that affects hypertension.



Dark chocolate

The greater the percentage of cocoa, the more health properties the chocolate has.

When it comes to hypertension, more than 70% of cocoa is recommended, and no added sugar . This is because cocoa contains flavonoids, natural antioxidants that act against hypertension.




It is commonly known as the condiment against hypertension.

Some people consume one clove of garlic  a day  and this measure would suffice. It can also be used as a seasoning.

In addition to all this, in the market we can find capsules of garlic powder, for those who do not like its flavor.




The skin of the apple contains flavonoids , as does dark chocolate. Therefore, when suffering from hypertension, it is recommended to consume it without peeling, to take advantage of all its properties.

The skin of the fruit constitutes, in most cases, the main source of vitamins


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