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10 Face Exercises That Make You Look Younger

If you are searching for ways how to reduce sagging and wrinkling, but you do not want to do anti-aging surgery, then, you are in the right place. We are here today to present you with 10 face and neck exercises that will help you look much younger without any poor outcomes or scars that the surgery brings.

You need to do every exercise for 30 seconds to get the best results.

10 Face Exercises That Make You Look Younger

1. Turkey Neck Tightener

Raise your chin as you tilt the head back until the skin under the jaw is taut. Then, push the lower jaw, press the tongue on the lower gum line and roll the bottom lip out. A toned neck is also really important. This will help you fight the ‘turkey neck’ which can look not very good.

2. Under Eye Lifter

This exercise will give you immediate results and help you look younger. Just look up with the eyes without tilting or moving the head. The eyelids can flutter while you look up and you are putting some strain on the under-used muscle. Make sure you breathe deeply as you are doing this.

3. Cheek-Apple Lifter

It has been proven that smile muscle training can improve muscle tone. Just pinch the corner of the mouth with clean hands, near the smile line. As you do it, smile as big as you can. You will feel a pull in the facial muscle which will lift the apples of the cheeks.

4. Upper Eye Lifter

Just press the fingertips near the lower brow of the eyebrows by using the three middle fingers. Press in and push upwards with the fingers as you frown and create some resistance with the eyebrows.

5. Jowl Lifter

Lift your neck like in the first exercise. Then, turn the head to either side and stick out the lower jaw.

6. Chin Lifter

If you want to tone the chin, you need to roll the lower lip over the mouth and push the tongue between the lower lip and the teeth. Just press the lower lip against the tongue in the meantime.

7. Nostril to Upper Lip Line Eraser

Put the thumbs inside the upper cheek near the gums. Then, smile and close the upper lip so that you can press down against the thumbs.

8. Neck Line Definer

Turn your neck to the side until you can see the vertical muscles and tendons of the neck in the mirror. These will help you define a graceful neck and make you look younger. Hold this pose for 10 seconds.

9. Forehead Line Eraser

Press upward at the hairline with the fingertips as you frown a bit. Try not to wrinkle the forehead, but frown so that you can push downwards to create some resistance against the fingers pressing upwards.

10. Collar Bone Definer

Rotate the shoulder forward until you can see a triangular shaped hollow form between the neck and collarbone. Do it with your neck turned as in the line definer exercise.

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