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Very often people have a misconception about how much one should weight considering their height. For instance, it is believed that a person that is 160cm tall should have an ideal weight of 65kg. However, this is not right and this chart will show you why.

Excess weight is not only an issue that concerns the way we look. It can also have bad consequences for our health because it is the cause of some serious health problems. Some of these include hyperglycemia, hypertension, atherosclerosis and others. The weight chart presented below shows how much you should weight according to your height considering a lot of factors.

One of those factors is BMI or the Body Mass Index. This Index is one of the most common and correct methods to help you determine your ideal weight. According to health experts, this method is not always correct because each person has a different body type. Thus, some people are naturally slim and other are heavy built.

Moreover, what should also be taken in consideration is that having an ideal weight doesn’t mean that you will also be in good health. It is still important to have a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Even though dieting helps one lose weight, it also results in loss of mass from the muscles which is not really good.

Therefore, take the chart below into consideration for your ideal weight. However, remember that living healthy is more important than looking slim.

The chart:

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